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Open Source Image Management

Explore dcm4che. Dive into the world of medical imaging with dcm4che, the open-source collection of applications and utilities for healthcare IT. Efficient, scalable, and interoperable - dcm4che is your gateway to managing DICOM images and data with ease. Discover the power of open-source in healthcare today!

Evolution of dcm4che and dcm4chee

dcm4chee Archive 5

dcm4chee 5 Archive is an IHE-compliant Image Manager and Image Archive. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing, storing, and retrieving DICOM images and related information in a healthcare environment.

dcm4che 5
Toolkit & Library

dcm4che is a Java-based library and set of tools for working with DICOM files. It provides functionalities for reading, writing, and manipulating DICOM data, making it a valuable resource for developers and researchers working with medical imaging.


dcm4che offers a set of command-line utilities that offer various functionalities for working with DICOM files. These utilities are handy for administrative tasks, data conversion, and quick checks on DICOM data.

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