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dcm4che Utilities

dcm4che offers a set of command-line utilities that offer various functionalities for working with DICOM files.

dcm4che's toolkit, available on GitHub, is a specialized suite designed for healthcare IT experts and radiology professionals. It focuses on enhancing medical imaging processes through support for DICOM standards.


The toolkit includes utilities for DICOM communication (DICOM SCP/SCU roles), image conversion, and enhanced DICOM file manipulation. With tools for network troubleshooting, DICOM object validation, and efficient data storage and retrieval, dcm4che addresses the critical needs of modern medical imaging departments.


This suite is pivotal for ensuring high interoperability and efficient management of medical images and related data.

These utilities are handy for administrative tasks, data conversion, and quick checks on DICOM data. 

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  • agfa2dcm: Extract DICOM files from Agfa BLOB file

  • agfa2sr: Extract concatenated XML Agfa Reports and convert them to DICOM SR Documents

  • dcm2dcm: Transcode DICOM file according the specified Transfer Syntax

  • dcm2jpg: Convert DICOM image to JPEG or other image formats

  • dcm2json: Convert DICOM file in JSON presentation

  • dcm2pdf: Extract encapsulated PDF, CDA or STL from DICOM file

  • dcm2str: Apply Attributes Format Pattern to dicom file or command line parameters.

  • dcm2xml: Convert DICOM file in XML presentation

  • dcmbenchmark: Parse a DICOM file repetitively, measuring time and used memory

  • dcmdir: Dump, create or update DICOMDIR file

  • dcmdump: Dump DICOM file in textual form

  • dcmldap: Insert/remove configuration entries for Network AEs into/from LDAP server

  • dcmqrscp: Simple DICOM archive

  • dcmvalidate: Validate DICOM object according a specified Information Object Definition

  • deidentify: De-identify one or several DICOM files

  • emf2sf: Convert DICOM Enhanced Multi-frame image to legacy DICOM Single-frame images

  • findscu: Invoke DICOM C-FIND Query Request

  • fixlo2un: Fixes length of private tags truncated to 2 bytes on conversion from implicit VR to explicit VR Transfer Syntax

  • getscu: Invoke DICOM C-GET Retrieve Request

  • hl72xml: Convert HL7 v2.x message in XML presentation

  • hl7pdq: Query HL7 v2.x Patient Demographics Supplier

  • hl7pix: Query HL7 v2.x PIX Manager

  • hl7rcv: HL7 v2.x Receiver

  • hl7snd: Send HL7 v2.x message

  • ianscp: DICOM Instance Availability Notification receiver

  • ianscu: Send DICOM Instance Availability Notification

  • jpg2dcm: Convert JPEG images or MPEG videos in DICOM files

  • json2dcm: Converts JSON file to DICOM file

  • json2index: Creates search index for UI configuration from JSON schema files

  • json2props: Convert Archive configuration schema JSON files to key/value properties files and vice versa

  • json2rst: Generate ReStructuredText files from Archive configuration schema JSON files

  • maskpxdata: Mask information burned into the Pixel Data

  • mkkos: Make DICOM Key Object Selection Document

  • modality: Simulates DICOM Modality

  • movescu: Invoke DICOM C-MOVE Retrieve request

  • mppsscp: DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step Receiver

  • mppsscu: Send DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step

  • pdf2dcm: Convert PDF file into DICOM file

  • planarconfig: Detects the actual planar configuration of uncompressed pixel data of color images with Photometric Interpretation RGB or YBR_FULL and optionally correct non matching values of attribute Planar Configuration of the image

  • qstar: QStar SOAP Client to prefetch/retrieve or fetch file information of specified files

  • stgcmtscu: Invoke DICOM Storage Commitment Request

  • storescp: DICOM Composite Object Receiver

  • storescu: Send DICOM Composite Objects

  • stowrs: Send DICOM Composite Objects or Bulkdata file over Web

  • stowrsd: STOW-RS Server

  • swappxdata: Swaps bytes of uncompressed pixel data in DICOM files

  • syslog: Send Syslog messages via TCP/TLS or UDP to a Syslog Receiver

  • syslogd: Receives RFC 5424 Syslog messages via TCP/TLS or UDP

  • tpl2xml: Converts private dictionaries present in template file(s) to xml file(s).

  • upsscu: Invokes services of Unified Procedure Step Service Class

  • wadors: Wado RS Client Simulator

  • wadows: Wado WS Client Simulator

  • xml2dcm: Create/Update DICOM file from/with XML presentation

  • xml2hl7: Create HL7 v2.x message from XML presentation

  • xroad: XRoad SOAP Client to query Estonia National Patient Registry for Patient Demographics

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