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dcm4che Use Cases

Share your dcm4che use case!

dcm4che's versatility empowers a wide range of use cases in the healthcare industry. Have you implemented dcm4che? We'd love to showcase your success story and inspire others!

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In your email, feel free to share a brief description of your project, highlighting the specific dcm4che features you utilized and the positive impact it has had on your workflow.

By sharing your experiences, you can help others discover the full potential of dcm4che!

This article describes a use case for DICOM waveform conversion developed by CaboLabs, authored by Pablo Pazos Gutierrez, a Software Engineer passionate about Health IT (Credit: Pablo Pazos Gutierrez, LinkedIn, April 16, 2024).


The scenario involves a client performing cardiac rehabilitation with ECG monitoring using a custom Android application. The raw ECG data from the device needed to be stored in a standardized format for future reference. The solution leverages dcm4che to achieve this by converting the raw data into DICOM waveform objects. The article details the process including analyzing DICOM structure, data transformation and creating DICOM objects in XML format. The provided Groovy scripts demonstrate the implementation and the code is available on GitHub. This use case exemplifies dcm4che's role in facilitating standardized medical data storage.

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