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dcm4che Complementary Software

dcm4che is a powerful open-source toolkit for managing DICOM medical images. To enhance its functionality and cater to specific workflows, a variety of complementary software solutions have been developed by the healthcare IT community.

Integrated systems based on dcm4che and/or complementary to dcm4che.

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J4Care's SMooTH Suite is an innovative software solution developed by the experienced team behind dcm4che, renowned for its robustness and efficiency in medical imaging and document handling. This comprehensive suite skillfully integrates the professional Enterprise version of dcm4che with a superior document and image viewer, creating a seamless, user-friendly platform. Designed to enhance the daily operations of healthcare facilities, SMooTH Suite provides powerful tools that streamline workflows and improve productivity for both administrators and healthcare providers.

What sets J4Care's SMooTH Suite apart is its status as a certified medical product, emphasizing not only functionality but also the highest standards of security. With security engineered into the core of its architecture, SMooTH Suite guarantees a safe and secure environment for managing sensitive patient data. Healthcare professionals can trust this platform to protect patient information while delivering outstanding performance and support in their daily tasks, making it an indispensable tool in modern medical practice.

J4Care's SMooTH Suite distinguishes itself in the healthcare technology landscape, seamlessly serving both small clinics with single-server solutions and sprawling enterprises with multi-site active/active data center setups, including national archives. The suite, anchored by the SMooTH VNA, is instrumental in optimizing healthcare delivery, providing outstanding radiology reporting and viewing capabilities. It integrates the display of XDS documents, FHIR data, and pathology data, offering clinicians a comprehensive view of the patient's record, ensuring that providers can deliver informed patient care bolstered by a complete and integrated medical history.


If you're seeking a reliable, scalable, and compliant healthcare technology solution, look no further than J4Care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Image viewers based on dcm4che and/or complementary to dcm4che.

Weasis is a multipurpose standalone and web-based DICOM viewer with a highly modular architecture. It is a very popular clinical viewer used in healthcare by hospitals, health networks, multicenter research trials, and patients.

Weasis DICOM viewer is cross-platform, free/libre and open source software (FLOSS), multi-language and allows a flexible integration to PACS, RIS, HIS or PHR. This multi-platform DICOM viewer runs with several processor architectures on Windows, Linux, and macOS (see the packages available for download). It allows high-quality renderings with high performance through the OpenCV library.

Since version 4, it has a responsive user interface linked to the operating system options and works well on high-resolution screens.

Oviyam is a web based DICOM Viewer. Using standard DICOM protocols patient lists can be queried, particular series or studies retrieved and be displayed as JPEG images in your browser. Oviyam will work with any DICOM server that supports WADO (Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects). Oviyam is a free download and is pre-packaged for deployment with JBoss. The source is triple licensed under MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1.

Want to contribute to the dcm4che ecosystem?

The dcm4che community thrives on collaboration! If you've developed a complementary software solution that enhances the functionality of dcm4che, we'd love to hear from you.

Interested parties can apply to have their applications listed on this page by contacting us at

Please include a brief description of your solution, highlighting its key features and compatibility with dcm4che.

We look forward to expanding this valuable resource for the healthcare IT community!

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