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dcm4chee Archive 5

The dcm4chee Archive 5 is an advanced, open-source Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), engineered to facilitate the efficient storage, retrieval, and management of medical imaging data. Utilizing the robust dcm4che library and built upon Java technology, this versatile archive system supports an extensive array of medical imaging formats and DICOM communication protocols, ensuring seamless integration with existing healthcare IT infrastructures and promoting superior interoperability.

Beyond its core PACS functionality, dcm4chee Archive 5 excels as a VNA by offering a standardized, format-agnostic repository for medical images and documents, regardless of their originating system. This capability allows healthcare organizations to consolidate imaging data from multiple sources into a single, accessible, and secure storage solution, enhancing data portability and facilitating comprehensive patient records management.


With features like advanced storage solutions, compliance with DICOM and HL7 standards, and a scalable architecture that accommodates cloud-based deployments, dcm4chee Archive 5 ensures data security, patient privacy, and adherence to regulatory demands. Its intuitive interface and detailed documentation make it an essential system for radiologists, IT professionals, and healthcare administrators aiming to streamline medical imaging processes and elevate patient care services.

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The dcm4chee Archive 5 open source application stands out as a highly IHE-compliant Image Manager and Image Archive. It provides essential services for storage, retrieval, and workflow within healthcare environments.

Feature Overview:

  • DICOM Storage: As an archive, dcm4chee can store various types of DICOM objects on standard file systems, with optional compression if needed.

  • DICOM Query/Retrieve: It allows querying the archive for DICOM objects and retrieving them efficiently.

  • Modality Worklist Management: Integrates with modalities for worklist management, streamlining the imaging workflow by sending patient and exam details directly to imaging devices.

  • DICOMWeb Support: Implements DICOMweb standards, including STOW-RS, QIDO-RS, and WADO-RS, facilitating web-based access to DICOM objects. Additionally Web access to the archived content is facilitated through Web Access to DICOM Objects (WADO) 

  • Other DICOM Services: MPPS, UPS, Storage Commitment, Instance Availability Notification, and more are supported

  • HL7 Server: dcm4chee integrates an HL7 server capable of handling ADT, ORM,OMG, and ORU message types

  • Web-based Administration: Provides a user-friendly web interface for configuring and managing the archive, simplifying administrative tasks

  • Multi-Tenancy: Supports multiple tenants, enabling different departments or affiliated institutions to manage their data separately within a single instance

  • Audit Logging: Comprehensive logging of all interactions with the system for security, compliance, and operational monitoring

  • Security Features: Implements various security measures, including authentication, authorization, encryption, and secure data transmission protocols

  • Image Compression: Supports on-the-fly image compression and decompression, optimizing storage usage and network bandwidth

  • IHE Compliance: dcm4chee can seamlessly operate in an IHE-capable environment by integrating with an XDS/XDSI registry and repository. Supports various Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles, enhancing interoperability with other healthcare IT systems

  • External Archive Connectivity: Can be configured to connect with external archives for data sharing and redundancy

  • High Availability Configurations: Designed to support high availability setups to ensure continuous access to medical imaging data

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